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Health Navigator

Family & Children's Service

Historically, the Latino population has had the highest uninsured rate of any ethnic group. Lack of awareness, language barriers, and potential legal complications along with fear in mixed-immigration-status households contribute to ongoing disparities in coverage. Family & Children’s Service has faced several challenges for effective outreach in Latino communities. As a result, Hispanic Family Foundation has been instrumental in connecting the agency to the Latino community. Hispanic Family Foundation is not only centrally located for several Latino communities, but is also highly trusted, allowing it to better promote its work in connecting consumers to health insurance and healthcare.

Through Health Navigator HFF provides access to a navigator from Family & Children Services to educate families about available health services.

We’ve seen greater consumer awareness and sustained application assistance among the Latino population as a result of our partnership with Hispanic Family Foundation therefore contributing to our overall goal to get individuals and families covered and reduce health disparities.Tracy L. Zander, MPH
Bilingual Certified Navigator