Ceiba Art Gallery


Ceiba Art Gallery

As a component of the Hispanic Family Foundation, Ceiba Gallery primarily concentrates on bringing in and showcasing Hispanic and Latino artists. The aim is three-fold: to bring a new perspective of artwork to the Nashville art community; to further educate the Latino community of the expanse of talent within our own cultural identity; and by encouraging creativity among us all, to nurture and foster new talent of all ages and backgrounds and help give them voice.

The Gallery will expand and include other cultures and countries in future exhibits as well. Its location within Plaza Mariachi on Nolensville Road makes it an ideal locale for people to enjoy community.

Ceiba Gallery itself has two sections, the main Gallery and the Artisan Window. The Main area is primarily to display work, while the Artisan Window gives artists a chance to demonstrate the craftsmanship involved in their art form. Working live on a new piece provides an opportunity to spark the imagination and encourage all viewers — especially the next generation. These Artisan Window sessions are scheduled on the weekends, and are listed on the Events Calendar Page on the Ceiba Gallery website.

Ceiba Kids

Ceiba Kids is a program hosted by Ceiba Gallery that seeks to educate the minds of children about the rich culture of Hispanic Heritage while igniting creativity and curiosity for learning more about their surroundings. The first of many such programs, Ceiba Gallery aims to expand its offerings in the future with classes and educational opportunities for teens and adults.

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