Provide heritage programs that allow Hispanic families to celebrate, honor and energize their culture through music, art, dance, and food.

  • Baila Dance Studio

    Through the Baila Dance Studio, offer free After School programs via dance classes and performance space to children. Provide dance performances throughout the community to enhance the community’s understanding of the Latino culture.

    • Free dance classes for children
    • Free cardio and yoga day classes for adults
    • Performance space
    • Community performances

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  • Ceiba Art Gallery

    Showcase local and international Latino artists at the Ceiba Art Gallery to bring greater recognition to Hispanic art in America.

    • “Live” sessions will be scheduled with the artist in residence for children and adults to observe the artist as he/she creates.
    • These sessions will be taped to preserve for future viewings.
    • Cultural children programs on the stage in the Plaza Mariachi.

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  • Ceiba Emerging Artists Studio

    Provide emerging visual artists time and space to create and exhibit.

  • HFF Gift Shop

    Sell wide variety of products produced by local and national Latino designers at the HFF Gift Shop to help promote Latino artisans and produce income for the Hispanic Family Foundation. Learn more