Why partner with us?

The HFF partnership model recognizes that our partners have a track record and know how to provide the services our community needs and that they can do it a culturally sensitive way and that we have the reach and trust of the community and also media and physical access. The partnership model enables us to successfully provide very needed community services.

We use the resources strategically

By partnering on programs with established agencies with great track records we empower them to provide services and free us to use our resources to develop HFF signature programs. We survey every person that comes to HFF and use the data to statistically keep track of unmet community needs and strategically use our resources to create specific programs that meet their needs.

Fill out a partnership request today

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Proud Partners

TFLI’s partnership with HFF is the cornerstone of our English education services. HFF is a pillar of the Nashville community, providing a one stop shop for client’s needs, and a much needed space for area non-profits. Through our partnership with HFF, we have been able to serve clients we couldn’t otherwise reach, and expand the impact of our programming without the need for large investments in facilities or overhead. HFF has been an invaluable partner to our organization, and we are proud to call ourselves members of the HFF family.Mo Silvera. Director of English Programs. TFLI.