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HFF supporting Nashville's community
Art gallery offers stunning celebration of Latin America and beyond
Simply walking through the “streets” of the establishment is a rare cultural experience to be had in Nashville. The décor borrows its style from…
By The Connect Magazine [ Sep, 2017 ]
HFF Invita a su Foro Informativo
HFF Invita a su Foro Informativo: Tú tienes derechos!
Cada mes HFF ofrece la sesión informativa Tu Tienes Derechos. Esta sesión intenta educar a sus asistentes sobre distintos temas legales…
By La Campana [ Jul, 2017 ]
HFF gives away free backpacks, school supplies
HFF gives away free backpacks, school supplies
This is a video coverage of the HFF and TBLC Media (Activa Nashville and La Ranchera 880) annual “Back to School 2017” event hosted on the Plaza Mariachi’s promenade.
By WSMV TV [ Jul, 2017 ]
Ceiba Gallery: Connecting cultures
Ceiba Gallery: Connecting cultures
Held in awe and prominent in mythologies across tropical regions (Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and West Africa)…
By Nashville Arts Magazine [ Jul, 2017 ]
HFF supporting Nashville's community
Nashville Tenants Forced Out By New Management
Many residents were going to have to leave by this Friday. A representative with Homes 4 All Nashville, Council members Fabian Bedne, Jeremy Elrod, and…
By News Channel 5 [ Mar, 2017 ]
Five young girls from Baila dance their way into the nutcracker
Five young girls from Baila dance their way into the nutcracker
Whoever you are, walk into a dance studio and everything changes. Walk into a dance studio and see…
By Nashville Arts Magazine [ Jan, 2017 ]
A Look At An Immigrant's Impact On Tennessee
A Look At An Immigrant’s Impact On Tennessee
In Tennessee, immigrants make up about 5 percent of the population. Numbers released by the New American Economy have shown just how that number impacts…
By News Channel 5 [ Feb, 2017 ]
Panorama: Noviembre
Panorama: Noviembre
En nuestro segmento “Nuestra Ciudad” les traemos información sobre la compañía de Ballet de Nashville. Luego conversamos con tres Latinas en áreas muy diferentes…
By News Channel 5 [ Nov, 2016 ]
Panorama: August 2016
Panorama: August 2016
En este episodio hablamos con tres Latinos que sirven a la comunidad a través del Gobierno Metropolitano de Nashville y el Condado de Davidson y la campaña….
By News Channel 5 [ Aug, 2016 ]

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Hispanic Family Foundation

Entrepreneurs Mark and Diane Janbakhsh are founders of the Hispanic Family Foundation. They were both raised in the Nashville area and have a strong commitment to the community. Their success in business, combined with their love of the community, lead them to found the Hispanic Family Foundation in 2013 to enhance the lives of Hispanic families and children.


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