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HFF supporting Nashville's community
Art gallery offers stunning celebration of Latin America and beyond
Simply walking through the “streets” of the establishment is a rare cultural experience to be had in Nashville. The décor borrows its style from…
By The Connect Magazine [ Sep, 2017 ]
HFF Invita a su Foro Informativo
HFF Invita a su Foro Informativo: Tú tienes derechos!
Cada mes HFF ofrece la sesión informativa Tu Tienes Derechos. Esta sesión intenta educar a sus asistentes sobre distintos temas legales…
By La Campana [ Jul, 2017 ]
HFF gives away free backpacks, school supplies
HFF gives away free backpacks, school supplies
This is a video coverage of the HFF and TBLC Media (Activa Nashville and La Ranchera 880) annual “Back to School 2017” event hosted on the Plaza Mariachi’s promenade.
By WSMV TV [ Jul, 2017 ]
Ceiba Gallery: Connecting cultures
Ceiba Gallery: Connecting cultures
Held in awe and prominent in mythologies across tropical regions (Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and West Africa)…
By Nashville Arts Magazine [ Jul, 2017 ]
HFF supporting Nashville's community
Nashville Tenants Forced Out By New Management
Many residents were going to have to leave by this Friday. A representative with Homes 4 All Nashville, Council members Fabian Bedne, Jeremy Elrod, and…
By News Channel 5 [ Mar, 2017 ]
Five young girls from Baila dance their way into the nutcracker
Five young girls from Baila dance their way into the nutcracker
Whoever you are, walk into a dance studio and everything changes. Walk into a dance studio and see…
By Nashville Arts Magazine [ Jan, 2017 ]
A Look At An Immigrant's Impact On Tennessee
A Look At An Immigrant’s Impact On Tennessee
In Tennessee, immigrants make up about 5 percent of the population. Numbers released by the New American Economy have shown just how that number impacts…
By News Channel 5 [ Feb, 2017 ]
Panorama: Noviembre
Panorama: Noviembre
En nuestro segmento “Nuestra Ciudad” les traemos información sobre la compañía de Ballet de Nashville. Luego conversamos con tres Latinas en áreas muy diferentes…
By News Channel 5 [ Nov, 2016 ]
Panorama: August 2016
Panorama: August 2016
En este episodio hablamos con tres Latinos que sirven a la comunidad a través del Gobierno Metropolitano de Nashville y el Condado de Davidson y la campaña….
By News Channel 5 [ Aug, 2016 ]

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