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Baila is a dance program for children and adults, whose mission is to help our community to integrate culture and physical activity.
Baila classes run in cycles of 4 months in the spring and fall. Each class participates in a recital at the end of the year to showcase their new talents.
Classes are for children ages 3-17 (depending on class) and adults.
Prices vary per class.
Payments are made in the HFF office during regular business hours. Fees can be payed per class, per month, or per cycle.

Dance Classes

Folklore: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Free
Ballet: Coming in 2021. Free
Chinese Kung Fu: Saturday. $40 per month or $160 per cycle

Music ClassesUkelele: Monday. $40 per month or $160 per cycle
Piano: Tuesday. $40 per month or $160 per cycleGuitar: Thursday. $40 per month or $160 per cycle
Dance classes are held in the Baila studio, next to Plaza Mariachi. Music classes are held in the last corridor inside of Plaza Mariachi.
3967 Nolensville Pk, Nashville, TN 37211[/cs_content_seo]